11 Restaurants to Visit Some Day Before You Kick the Bucket

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Going out to eat is something that people do every day, but some restaurants make dining out an experience rather than just a meal. Here are some restaurants you must see before you die.

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The River Cafe

This restaurant is nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge and combines delicious food with stunning views.
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Waterfall Restaurant

Located in the Phillipines, this restaurant is at the foot of a waterfall and water even runs through the dining room. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.
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Treetop Restaurant

Next time you visit Thailand, make sure you eat at this restaurant that is basically hanging from the trees.
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Fangweng Restaurant

This restaurant in China hangs off the edge of a cliff for a daring dining room that will thrill you at mealtime.
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Dinner in the Sky

With several worldwide locations, this restaurant allows you to enjoy your meal while being suspended high in the sky.
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The Summer Cave

Never had a meal in a cave before? Check out this Italian restaurant to cross it off your bucket list.
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The Cargo Hold

Located in South Africa, this restaurant is an old shipwreck and features aquariums and animal shows on site.
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This restaurant can be found at Disneyland Paris and is themed after the Disney movie of the same name. Take a ride through the kitchen and, of course, try ratatouille.
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The Paddock

Aruba is a great place to vacation and no trip is complete without a stop at the Paddock. From quirky decor to delicious food, you won’t want to miss it.
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The Airplane Restaurant

Colorado Springs, home to the Air Force Academy, is an obvious place for a restaurant inside an old airplane. Enjoy sandwiches and soups while you check out the aviation decor.
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Safe House Restaurant

This spy themed restaurant in Milwaukee is entertaining and without any advertising, it’s also a little bit mysterious.
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