15 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask Your Airline Pilot

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Flying is unlike any other mode of transportation. When you take the bus, you can see the driver and pretty much get how he operates your ride. Same with Subways – even though you can’t see the drivers it’s still it’s pretty self explanatory. But flying is a whole other operation. I mean, you get how to board the flight, and why. You’re always greeted by the stewardesses who direct you to your seat – but once you sit down, that’s it – the rest is a mystery. Like, how do they get such a heavy object to take off into the sky? What’s really happening during turbulence or in the case of a medical emergency? What’s that little engine on the back of the plane during boarding? Why do we have to take off in the middle of the night in the middle east? And what exactly is going on in that cockpit anyway?
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Cutting The Security Line

Q: Do you ever feel guilty cutting the security line?
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Music In The Cockpit

Q: Do you play music in the cockpit?
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Removing Belligerent Passengers

Q: Ever have to remove a belligerent passenger off a flight before?
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Medical Emergencies

Q: What exactly happens during a medical emergency?
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Why The iPad?

Q: Why do pilots have iPads now?
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Reducing Airline Weight

Q: You’ve mentioned the insane amount of fuel costs for every additional point of weight. Besides getting rid of those physical maps, how else does an airline reduce its load?
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Naming The Planes

Q: Are there different names for the planes?
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Flying With Autopilot

Q: How much of the flight is flown with autopilot?
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Flying Into New York

Q: How crazy is it to fly into New York with its three massive airports?
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ID’ing Different Airlines

Q: How does the ground identify all the different airlines?
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Speaking With Controllers

Q: Are you always speaking to the controller?
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Modifying The Cockpit

Q: Are you allowed to personally modify the cockpit to your liking?
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That Little Engine On The Back

Q: Why is there a little engine on the back of the plane spitting stuff out as I’m waiting to board?
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Middle Of The Night Take-Off

Q: Why do flights take off in the middle of the night in the Middle East?
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Best Place To Watch Planes Land

Q: Where the best place in the world to watch planes land?
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