Amazing Shipwreck Diving Trips

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive down to the bottom of the ocean or lake to discover a sunken ship from years ago? Now is your chance to take your experience as a scuba diver and your love for lost ships into one great vacation. There are many places that offer the chance of a lifetime to take an underwater tour of some of these ships that have sat on the ocean bed for years. These trips are for both beginning and experienced divers.

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The S.S. Coolidge

The S.S. Coolidge sank in 1942 and now divers can take a look at the world’s largest shipwreck that sits on the bottom of the ocean floor right off of the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. The 200-ft. World War 2 troop ship is rich in history and is so big that it could take days to get through each and every part of this shipwreck. There are also night dives available to make it even more mysterious.

Panhandle Shipwreck Trail

The Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail offers 12 different ships to tour that will provide a piece of history. The clear blue Florida waters are perfect for diving, but there is so much more that lurks beneath. Divers will be able to purchase a passport to get stamped after each ship has been seen. Of course, the marine life is also amazing to see.

USS Kittiwake

Not only are the Cayman Islands beautiful and relaxing, but this place also offers an exciting dive to view the sunken USS Kittiwake that has sat on the sea floor since 2011. Since then, many kinds of marine life have made this ship their home. With the many rooms of the ship to explore and the fish habitat to see, this provides an excellent shipwreck dive to take in.

Tobermory, Canada

The dives in the cold waters of Lake Huron may just be a challenge, even for experienced divers, but it is said to be well worth the effort. The wreck dives in Tobermory, Canada provide more than 21 ships that may have sunk in turbulent weather or that might have crashed into rocks and met its fate at the bottom of the cool lake waters. They are said to be in good condition with a few of the ships intact just as they were when they sunk. There are many treasures to be found, which makes for quite an interesting dive.

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