Discover Polar Bears, Beluga Whales and Northern Lights in Churchill

The town of Churchill is located in Manitoba, Canada in the Hudson Bay area. It is a magical place where you can find many things to keep you busy. It is known as the polar bear capital of the world. However, there are also the magnificent beluga whales and gorgeous Northern Lights that they are also famous for. But don’t expect to drive there, as the only way to get into this area is by air or by train. It is well worth it to experience all of the amazing things that Churchill has to offer.

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Polar Bears

What is it like to see a polar bear up close and personal? You can certainly find out when you hop aboard a tundra vehicle and roll out onto the open land around the Hudson Bay. During the fall, these polar bears roam around waiting for the ice to form. This is an excellent time to catch them at their best in the wild. The tundra vehicles, and even overnight lodges, are a great way to see these animals do what they do.

Beluga Whales

Beluga whales are unique as they are curious and amazing creatures to watch as they glide through the water each year in the Hudson River. Thousands of these sea mammals come to Churchill after the ice melts and it is a once in a lifetime experience to listen to their whale sounds and see them follow the boat that you are on in the open water. These creatures seem to love visitors that come out to see them.

Northern Lights

Churchill is considered to be one of the best places to be able to view the colorful and amazing Northern Lights. They light up the sky in beautiful artistry that one just can’t describe. They are best seen from January through March as the wintry skies bring it all on. The Northern Lights are a sight to see and they are just a hint at what the small town of Churchill has to offer.

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