Five Best Places For Beginner and Expert Surfers

Hitting the water with your surfboard may be the ultimate vacation for you. You are certainly not alone in wanting to ride the waves. Many people flock to the ocean to dive right in. There are many locations around the world that have the best waves and the most fun. Here are five of the most exciting places surfing spots around.

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Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

This spot is not for the beginner as the massive waves can consume you in an instant. If you are experienced and are not afraid to go for the ultimate ride, this is the place to be. Pipeline is basically a serious surfer’s dream.

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Tamarindo is located in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is perfect for both beginners and pros, and anyone else in between. It is also a beautiful beach area that is surrounded by trees and various animals.

Maverick’s, California

Maverick’s is located just south of San Francisco and is considered a place where you can hit the extreme waves with your surfboard. This is also the home of the annual Maverick’s Invitational where only the most experienced hit these California waves. These waves can take you out in an instant.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

This famous surfing spot serves up some enormous waves which is why only the experts can handle them. This is also the spot where the J-Bay Open is held each year for the top surfers to show off their skills. Jeffrey’s Bay also offers surfing lessons for beginners to learn how to ride the waves and maybe one day they can also surf with the big dogs.

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

This amazing spot in Hawaii is bot breathtaking to see and a great place to surf as well. The best waves are during the winter months. They also have a surfing school that is highly recommended.

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