Take The Stress Out Of Vacation Planning With These 11 Apps

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When traveling, everything feels like it’s up in the air (no pun intended). From the weather and flight updates, to transportation and even your accommodations – anything can change in a moments notice – which is stressful. And of course, you want to make sure you get that notice, lest your much needed getaway be ruined. Thankfully we all have smartphones, along with some very smart, no, brilliant apps to help us plan our trip and travel through them stress-free. So before you book your flight and pack your bags, make sure to download the following 11 best travel apps for your smartphone.
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Dark Sky

Dark Sky is already seen as one of the best weather apps for iOS, and Android. When traveling to various destinations, you’re going to want to have this handy app as it’s ultra accurate with local weather predictions. Along with super sleek animations, down to the minute updates, and push notifications, it’s well worth the $3 Android users will have to pay to unlock its full functionality.
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Of course this one’s going to be on the list. Anyone looking for an alternative to pricey hotels and resorts will want to take advantage of this sharing economy’s best accommodations app. With more than two million listing in over $40,000 locations, Airbnb will help you find that unique spot that both fits your budget and taste.
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Google Trips

Google’s literally got the whole world neatly organized at the press of a search button. So it only makes sense that they create a free travel app that bundles all your travel reservations, car rentals, plane tickets, and hotel bookings into one easy-to-read interface. Plus, because it’s Google, it knows exactly where you are and what’s around you so it can suggest to you the most popular attractions and activities in your vicinity.
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HappyCow Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant Guide is the must-have for non-meat eaters who need to find a restaurant that can accommodate their dietary needs. It’s literally got the world’s vegetarian and vegan restaurants on its database, which makes finding that falafel and kale wrap a breeze, wherever you are.
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KAYAK is considered the go-to app for travel booking services. It works by searching through thousands of travel sites so that it can find you the best deals on travel and accommodations the web has to offer.
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Guides by Lonely Planet

What traveler doesn’t have a lonely planet guide? So of course it wasn’t long before they created an app version for iOS and Android. Like the books, it allows users to check out expertly curated city guides, all of which are updated regularly for traffic, site closures, and new attractions. There’s also a feature that allows you to search for specific activities, along with providing you essential travel safety tips.
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Want to avoid those sleazy, crooked local taxi drivers that only seem to know the more expensive “scenic” route? Then download Lyft, the essential ridesharing app that’ll make getting around a whole lot easier and cheaper.
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Mobile Passport

Want to skip those long lines when re-entering the United States? Then Mobile Passport is a must as it’s been authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The app allows you to insert all your passport info, answer customs questions, and even submit the required info when you land. There easily goes like 60% of the hassle of airport travel thanks to this app.
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Planes Live

Like the name suggests, Planes Live lets you track your flights in real time, along with knowing any change in their status in an instant. This is an absolute must-have as it’s super handy for tracking people who are on the way to visiting you, so you can know exactly when to leave for the airport to meet them.
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AirPano Travel Book

Want to see 360-degree aerial panoramas of the locations you wish to visit? Then check out AirPano as it has in full-view, all the popular cities and tourist destinations for you to see before you see.
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The long time source for travel reviews and opinions, TripAdvisor finally is coming to an iOS and Android to you. This app offers the best suggestions for things like where to eat, stay, and visit anywhere you wish to go in the world.
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Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #1

Planning a vacation might take you months and sometimes even years and when the time finally comes for you to go, you want to get the most enjoyable vacation ever. The choice of destination will largely determine the kind of experience you have and with so many possible destinations, you definitely must take time to select the best. You can get destination ideas online, but the final decision will really depend on your personal vacation preferences; you must think about the destination at a deeper level to choose the most suitable for your vacation.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #2

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest airport in Scotland with over one million passengers every month. There are many options available to reach the airport from any part of Scotland in a quick, convenient and stress free way. The options for transfers to the airport from central Scotland and Fife include professional airport transfers services, the Edinburgh Airport bus, National Express bus, tram, chauffeur services and car hire services.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #3

Train travel is always fun and blissful, especially while passing through Europe on vacation. You can double your fun by reducing the cost of your ticket fares, which is by getting the travel dates early, and booking your e-tickets in advance. Unlike the airways, you will not be charged with extra airport taxes, baggage fee, infants' tickets, weight limits, etc.