The Most ‘Selfie Worthy’ Sites In The World

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Planning to take a trip to Machu Picchu to get that same selfie that everyone’s got on their Instagram and dating profile? Come on now, that’s so unoriginal. It’s boring. Are you a boring person? We didn’t think so.
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Door To Hell

Ever been to Turkmenistan before? No? It’s a country in Central Asia, right beside Kazakhstan. Have you even heard of it? No still? You know, where Borat is from. Well of course, Borat isn’t a reason to go. But visiting the ‘Door to Hell’ is. It’s a huge crater that has been non-stop burning, and fascinating millions of people for over 30 years. Think of the Sarlac pit from Star Wars, except, on fire.
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Crooked Forest

Poland. Not just for its sausages and Auschwitz museum anymore. Because one of it’s hidden treasures is hidden deep in the woods. We’re talking about the ‘Crooked Forest’. The forest where all the trees are literally twisted and bent. No one knows how this phenomenon even occurred. But many visitors think the locals had something to do with it.
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Georgia Guidestones

Feel like going on a bit of a religious experience? Then head over to Georgia to see the Guidestones. Called the ‘Guidestones’ because engraved on them is 10-commandments – in 8 different languages no less. Thou shall not skip this tourist attraction!
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Caño Cristales

Also known as the ‘river of 5 colors’, Caño Cristales is not just Columbia’s most colorful body of water – but also the world’s. In fact, it’s considered the most beautiful river in the world because of its rainbow effect. But if you’re going to take a selfie (and a dip in it), make sure to visit during the transition between wet and dry season (September – November). Otherwise you’ll just see a regular uncolored body of water.
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Fly Geyser

Here’s yet another colorful attraction: the Fly Geyser in the Nevada Desert. This beautiful mound of 3 massive, and very colorful rocks, was accidentally created back in 1916 during some well-drilling. Now it’s continuously spouting water five feet high into the air.
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Richat Structure

Now here’s a sight to behold – especially from space as it’s more than 30 miles wide – the Richat Structure, otherwise known as the ‘Eye of the Sahara’ deep in the Sahara desert. While you may not notice how enormous it is while standing in it, if you can manage to get yourself a 8-mile long selfie stick – then you’ll snap yourself one hell of a pic.
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Travertine Pools of Pamukkale

How about a trip to Turkey. There you’ll get to witness one of the most ethereal sites you ever will see – the Travertine Pools of Pamukkale. These hot springs have slowly developed over the years from a build up of white mineral deposits, creating what looks like some very well designed man-made terraces.
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McMurdo Dry Valleys

Ever wonder what it’d be like to visit Mars? Well the McMurdo Dry Valleys in the Antarctic is the closest thing you’ll get here on earth, as the area is completely void of any terrestrial vegetation. It’s bleak, baron, but perfect for those want to be the only form of life within a 200 mile radius.
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Mount Roraima

Hey Machu Picchu lovers; there’s a far more majestic mountain to take your selfies on. And that’s Mount Roraima in Brazil. It’s quite the unusual mountain as its peak is completely flat, dense with all sorts of flora and fauna. Some people refer to it as ‘Mount Olympus’, as it looks like the same mountain you’d see Zeus living on.
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The Badlands Guardian

See the head of a Native American wearing a full headdress? It’s easy to spot from space, or Google earth. Just go to coordinates: 50, 0’36.30?N, 110 6’42.82?W and you’ll see it right there smack dab in Alberta’s badlands, Canada. Or, go see it for yourself in person!
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