The Top-Rated Luggage for Serious Travelers

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If you are a frequent traveller, you need durable luggage that you can get around with in the airport. Here are 8 Carry Ons that should do the trick!
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Biaggi Contempo Four Wheel Spinner Collapsible

This carry-on features front compartments along with a side hand for easy hoisting.
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Zuca Pro Travel

This bag has five color-coded zip closed and removable compartments that stack and slide out like little drawers. ie undies in one drawers, socks in another, etc.
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Briggs and Riley Communter Expandable Upright

If you have to sit on your suitcase to close it, then this carry on in your answer. It has a compression system that let’s you pack 33 perfect more stuff and still be within carry-on parameters.
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Victorinox Spectra

You can spin this bag 360 degrees. It has its own customer service number as well as a tracking number. If it gets lost, it also has an extra capactity version.
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Travelpro Platnium Magna Spinner Suiter

The Suiter has four-dual weekls that help align the wheels. Its handle has a great contour grip.
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Tumi Alpha Lightweight

The Alphas is newer, lighter with 360 degree wheels and bumper sides. There is a tracking number if it gets lost along with free monogramming.
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Rinowa Salsa Air

This is a hard sided case in some really cool retro shades of blue, purple and gols. It is the the lighterst at 4.2 lbs. But it has a handle that can lock into any position.
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Genius Pack Packer

What’s great about this bag is everything that its place. There are labeled compartments for battery packs, devices and even a laundry chute where you can store your worn clothes!
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