Three Extreme Winter Trips That May Leave You Feeling Frigid

If you are a cold weather person and also love living the extreme life full of adventure, your next vacation destination could combine the two. Forget plain old skiing and sitting by the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate, these activities will leave you with an exhilaration that you have never felt before on a trip.

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Ice Climbing

If you think that mountain climbing is dangerous, ice climbing takes it to a whole new level. If you want to try your hand at this frozen activity, check out the Ouray Ice Park in beautiful Colorado. Even though it is man-made, this place would be the perfect spot to give it a try before you hit the big stuff. Once you get into the swing of things, you may want to take your ice pick to mountains of Alaska.

Ice Diving

Talk about being frigid! Ice diving is a most extreme winter activity that takes so much more preparation than just scuba diving in warm water. There is special type of equipment needed and the proper training to go beneath the icy cold surface of the water. However, if this sounds like something that would excite you, then by all means take a dip and try it. You may even see a seal, penguins, and all sorts of wildlife. There are plenty of ice diving trips available in Canada, Sweden and Denmark once you figure out if this is for you.

Snow Kiting

For the lover of kite surfing, snow kiting of course takes place on snow as you are attached to a power-based kite and skis or a snowboard. This sport is not for someone who has never had the opportunity to try out skiing or snowboarding before.  If you have the need for speed and for the cold breeze whipping through you, then book a trip to either Utah or Colorado where the snow is plenty and the fun begins.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #1

There is plenty to do in Amsterdam and it's important that you know exactly what is going on in the city before you go so you can enjoy your travelling to the full. Whether you are just going to chill out, want to sample the nightlife, or are keen on the historical side of things, Amsterdam has something for everyone.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #2

Are you an airport people watcher? You can tell a lot about people by the stuff they carry around. Every suitcase has a story to tell. Take a minute to look around the luggage hall. What do you see? Can you pick the: Hoarders from the minimalists? Business travellers from the tourists? Frequent flyers from novices? Let's have a little fun. Have light-hearted look around to see what people check in or try to take onboard.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #3

As one of Europe's oldest holiday routes, Germany's Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse) has definitely established itself as an iconic tourist attraction. Stretching 355 kilometers (220 miles), the road's pastoral landscape is not the only thing that will fascinate you.