Tips on Finding Useful Discounts For Your Next Disney Vacation

Money may be tight for some families and a Disney vacation may seem to be out of reach. However, there are ways that you can save money and still enjoy a family trip to the happiest place on earth. You may have to hunt around for programs that will offer discounts on some of the biggest expenses such as travel and hotels but once you find them, these discounts could make a difference between staying home and enjoying some time with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Here are a few discounts that you should check out.

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Many places offer a military discount for families and Disney is no exception. This perk is for all U.S. active and retired military and their spouses as well. In addition, there are also discounts for older citizens through AARP, so be sure to check these out to see how much money can be saved.

It certainly pays to be a huge Disney fan as a place established especially for diehard fans called D23 has a page exclusively for discounts to help you save on anything from hotel costs to food expenses. There is also a website dedicated to bringing all of the tips that they can think of into one place. Check out as they give advice and links to special savings for everything Disney.

For extra savings, it may be worth your while to head to the park during the off season times. They should offer lower rates to get more families to come for a visit when it is not so busy. This is also the time when there are less people in the park and that means less time waiting in line. One of the lowest periods of attendance is early January through the middle of February. This is called value season and prices on hotels can be quite a bit lower than the peak times. September is also a non-peak time after kids have gone back to school.

Another juicy discount that may be worth looking into is the Disney credit card which offers many discounts by using it throughout the year and a few other perks on your vacation destination to the magical world of Disney.



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