Trips For American History Buffs

American History can be quite interesting for any age group. For true history buffs, a trip to a historic city or monument can be quite a fun adventure. These places are not only great for history lovers, but are also perfect if you are planning a family vacation or a field trip for homeschoolers.

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San Antonio, Texas

The famous battle of the Alamo can be remembered in San Antonio, Texas at Alamo Plaza located in the heart of the downtown area. There are several events throughout the year that helps to celebrate this place in U.S. history. Those events include a living history, where visitors will learn more about the Alamo by actual interpretation by people living out that time period. It will bring you back to the past and kids especially will love to see the live action. You can also learn more about Texas history by visiting many of the buildings and museums that is an interesting part of this state.

Sutter’s Mill, CA

The gold rush was certainly an interesting piece of California history. The story goes that James Marshall first discovered gold at the sawmill of John Sutter. The rest of the story includes the mad rush of people flocking to California in hopes to discover their own gold after word got out. It is located in Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park.

Boston, MA

Boston is chock full of rich history, including the Paul Revere House and many museums to visit on your trip. There is also the Freedom Trail, Irish Heritage Trail, and the Black Heritage Trail that will take you back to the past to discover things that you may not have known about. You also can’t leave this area without visiting Plimoth Plantation where you will discover another world waiting for you. The reproduction of the famous Mayflower can be seen, along with the colonial village that takes you back in history. There is so much more to see in Boston that you may want to spend a few days to discover all that this city has to offer for history buffs.


Philadelphia is now home to the Liberty Bell, the home of Betsy Ross, and Elfreth’s Alley which was home to the traditional 18th century blacksmiths and many other business owners who were the heart of this area back then. Valley Forge is also a piece of history during the Revolutionary War where 2,000 soldiers lost their lives that winter from diseases and starvation.

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