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Are you ballin’? If so, a vacation shouldn’t just be some 5-star resort. It should come with complimentary A-lister celebs. Celebs like Leonardo Dicaprio, Justin Bieber, Samuel L. Jackson, along with the rest from your favorite TMZ episodes. The following beaches are by far the most beautiful in the world, and they’re the one’s where Hollywood goes to getaway. So for your next trip book one of these to get just as much stars, as you do sun…
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To Steno, Ithaca, Greece

Found in the Ionian sea, Ithaca’s To Steno beach floats on turquoise water, accented by a rocky hill side. Truly a sight to behold. Even more so when you see Taylor Swift strolling along the beach along with one of her side-pieces (like Tom Hiddleston).
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Whites Beach, Australia

This is the premier spot for surfers and great white shark chasers. Whites Beach in Australia is a home away for home for such stars as Diddy, Jay Z (along with Beyonce), as well as Anderson Cooper.
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Pange Sandbank, Zanzibar

Known for its “no shoes, no news” vibe, the Pange Sandbank sits like a jewels on a bracelet in the Zanzibar archipelago. It’s because of its peaceful vibe that stars such as Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Russell Crowe that have made this Tanzanian sandbank their numero uno island getaway.
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Calla Macarelleta, Menocra

It’s said that 50% of the people that visit majestic cove off the Menocra coast opt for full-body tanning (if you catch my drift). That’s why stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian, all of whom all have no problem being in the buff, frequently come to vacay here.
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Stiniva Beach, Croatia

On the most westerly part of Vis in Croatia, this spot is one where you plan to stay a while, as it’s got many gorgeous private homes to rent for a season of solitude, limestone cliffs, and sapphire blue waters. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you find Jeff Goldblum or Ryan Seacrest right next door to you.
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Five Mile Beach, Cambodia

While a bit of a trek to get to, Cambodia’s five-mile beach is literally like stepping into a painting. It’s just that beautiful. Once you get tired of being on the most beautiful of beaches, you can take a 30-minute speed boat to the island of Song Saa, where you and Oprah can go for a hike through lush rainforests.
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Punta Brava, Columbia

Nestled away by jungle-swathed mountains from metropolitan living, Punta Brava in Columbia is South American paradise at its finest. Black sand, whale-watching, and Lebron James and Kanye West watching too. Yup, some of the NBA’s and Hip-Hop’s biggest star can be seen here.
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Colombier Beach, St. Barths

Remember all those images of Leonardo Dicaprio with a brothel full of women on the beach floating around on the Internet? Yup, this is that spot. It’s just a hop, skip, and a plane ride away from the Caribbean islands.
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Makri Island, Greece

Found in Kefalonia, a Provincial island in Greece, Makri is as secluded as it gets. If peace and quiet is number one on your list – as it often is for David Letterman and Clint Eastwood –then you’ll want to ‘go ahead and make your next travel plans’ here.
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Big Sampson Cay, North Exuma

Sure, there are many fancy resorts in the Bahamas you can stay at. But only in Big Sampson Cay can you AirBNB an $18 million home on 50 hectares of albino white sand. Private Yoga resorts are a plenty here – so keep an eye out for such spiritually inclined stars as Russell Brand and Gwyneth Paltrow.
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Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #1

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with its seemingly perfect blend of history, culture, gorgeous climate, stunning beaches and affordability. For those living in Europe, this country is even more of an ideal place to visit, with cheap flights making it both quick and easy to get to.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #2

Walt Disney World has over two dozen hotels on property in addition to their four theme parks. Guests can take advantage of complimentary transportation, exclusive extra time in the parks, early access to dining and FastPass reservations, and more. Because there are so many resort choices, there's a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right resort for you.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #3

Puerto Rico is considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean and others as the best destination for weddings. The island offers a large variety of recreational options that range from coastal spots and ocean activities to the inland adventures found beyond their shores. Explore Puerto Rico's beautiful landscapes, hundreds of years of history, four distinct cultures and - above all- friendly and good-spirited people who leave their mark on the hearts of everyone who visits.